S2 has helped port operators achieve 100% cargo inspection


S2 Global has a proven track record of helping customers achieve their most important strategic objectives. Whether the goal is increased detection of contraband, narcotics, weapons and other threats, or increased supply chain throughput, or improved revenue collection and regulatory compliance, S2 Global uses state of the art technology, training and systems integration to accomplish your goals.

S2 Global has deep expertise in a variety of customer applications, including customs inspection, supply chain security, air cargo screening, event security, border security and checkpoint security.

Port of San Juan Puerto Rico: When considering vendors to provide a scanning program to mitigate the import of drugs, arms and other contraband, The Port Authority of Puerto Rico chose S2 Global. Awarding S2 Global a multi-year year contract to provide a complete and integrated turnkey service to scan up to 100% of imported cargo, the Port of San Juan is now compliant with US mandated screening processes and the tax authority has the ability to collect correct revenues.

With multiple on site inspection stations at the port, incoming cargo is screened for manifest verification. Each station is equipped with an advanced Rapiscan Eagle X-ray system and a trained operator using our proprietary software, CertScan™. The operation runs in partnership with Puerto Rico authorities who both assist with traffic flow and perform their duties based on our inspection analysis.

The S2 solution was implemented in record time, setting a new standard for cost-effective public-private cooperation. To date over 1 million containers entering through the Port of San Juan have been screened and verified by S2 Global.

Mexico Government Authority: Servicio de Administración Tributaria (SAT), the tax authority of Mexico, chose S2 Global to provide a complete and integrated cargo inspection turnkey service in multiple locations across Mexico to enhance their ability to interdict contraband and undeclared goods. S2 Global is delivering everything needed for screening including equipment, systems integration, staffing and maintenance support throughout Mexico at ports of entry, inland checkpoints and airports.

A state of the art IT infrastructure carries each X-ray image and manifest to remote analysis centers across Mexico for verification and review. Because of our ongoing image analysis training program and by using our proprietary software CertScan™, operators are able to quickly validate shipments.

With the checkpoints in place, SAT is able to collect correct tax revenue on goods and the local authorities are able to prevent contraband from moving about the country. Read more about our operation with Mexico SAT.

Albania: In 2015 the Albanian government selected S2 Global to create a custom screening solution, tailored to the country’s unique needs. The multi-factor security program was designed to install advanced detection systems at all points of entry to detect and deter contraband, increase throughput capabilities at ports and border-crossings, and to promote sanctioned trade in Albania. Since its’ implementation, S2 Global’s Comprehensive Screening Program in Albania has far exceeded expectations. Not only have there been a significant uptick in seizures of smuggled contraband both originating in Albania and transiting through the country, but customs has also seen a significant increase in tax revenue from legitimate trade. Port and border crossings country-wide are now equipped to handle 100% of designated traffic, and have dramatically increased the speed, predictability and transparency of customs clearances.