What Are Your Inspection Needs?

The S2 Global CertScan™ integration platform enables non-intrusive inspection (NII) points to become complete intelligence and response centers.

CertScan™ can seamlessly integrate into existing systems to proactively improve operations at all checkpoints while providing actionable insights in many environments. These include high-security facilities, air cargo screening operations, and ports and borders.

Analyze your inspection needs with this checklist of the features and benefits of the CertScan™ platform:


Friendly integration platform Compatible with data originating from common computer operating systems and applications; flexible and extensible because it is built on open architecture
Rules defined by the user CertScan™ conforms to your rules, so that data presentation, detection methods and operational procedures are defined to meet your operational goals
Common viewer Provides a common viewer for multi-vendor NII equipment; can combine with external peripherals like CCTV and radiation portal monitors, providing a full intelligence picture at the screening site
Centralized or on-site management Platform can be used on a per-site basis or deliver remote centralized management where control over inspection sites and data can be provided within a secure network
Configurable for many environments CertScan™ conforms to the user’s goals, so it can be configured for many screening environments, including aviation, air cargo, customs, law enforcement and event security

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