Facilitating Trade Through Customs and Border Management

Customs and border officials worldwide are focused on promoting the safe, secure movement of legitimate goods by fostering an efficient global supply chain system that is resilient to disruptions and corruption, while reliably contributing to economic growth. Regulatory forces based on national security concerns, including the impending US requirement mandating scanning of all US-bound cargo, are driving efforts to upgrade port/border infrastructure, technology systems, port/border infrastructure, and workforce capabilities.

Trends include:


  • Advancements in centralized data-collection systems will streamline compliance and regulatory/enforcement interactions.
  • Increasing deployment of data-sharing and analytics will help target the inspection process and ensure transparency.
  • Enhanced data collection will help ensure compliance with national and international requirements.


  • Technological advances will require revamped training of port/border workforce to upgrade technical skills.
  • Expanded use of information technology to fight corruption will increase digitization of cross-border trade transactions to minimize human interactions, shifting workforce needs.


  • Development of systems to enhance efficiencies and reduce costs also will increase trade volume and revenues by providing improved revenue-collection assurance.


  • Development of multi-faceted approaches will better ensure cargo security and port/border safety, including deployment of detection tools such as non-intrusive inspection equipment.

The World Customs Organization (WCO) is dedicating 2018 to strengthening the security of the business environment, with the goal of boosting economic prosperity. Three key issues the WCO campaign will focus on:

  • Making the business environment more stable and predictable through streamlining procedures, fighting corruption, enhancing integrity and facilitating the movements of goods and people.
  • Supporting a safe environment and secure supply chain by combating cross-border crime and illicit funding of terrorism through trade activities.
  • Seeking a fair and sustainable environment by targeting the importation of illegal goods and efforts to evade taxes and duty payments.

The WCO campaign will officially launch in January.

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