Technology Tools: The Key Back To Attended Events

Technology Tools: Thermal Imaging Temperature Detection

Rebuilding fan comfort and confidence in attending events will take an extended phase-in period that will include extensive deployment of technology tools. These tools will reshape Concept of Operations (ConOps) for events to clearly demonstrate the mitigation of exposure risks of contagion to all in attendance, including fans, vendors, staff, and athletes/performers.


Thermographic devices can provide a preliminary screening process to detect elevated body temperatures in a non-invasive way in a group setting, such as at a sporting event entry gate. The technology can facilitate triage in high throughput situations. The US Food and Drug Administration has issued guidance clarifying that it is appropriate to use the technology in a non-medical setting as an initial screening tool, supplemented by confirmation of an elevated temperature using a secondary, more precise assessment method.


When a high temperature situation is indicated, an attendee or attendees can be diverted to a private, secondary medical station. There, trained staff can take and record individuals’ temperature readings and determine next steps. The regulated data can be shared with other systems easily. S2 Global’s CertScan® integration platform can capture, secure and manage the data in compliance with FDA, GDPR, and HIPAA requirements. The information can be associated with other personalized information about the assessed person (ticketing information, parking location, etc.) to provide a more complete picture.


Technology solutions can provide helpful tools to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements, including managing admission gates at events. Timed tickets used in a contactless system can help limit crowding while streamlining staffing needs, freeing up staff for more demanding tasks. Tools like game day apps that use GPS can alert command center staff of congestion points while also providing a communications avenue to alert attendees to redirect them to avoid locations because of a people backup.

Similarly, badges embedded with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips can provide essential data on crowd movement and congestion, which then can be managed through direct communications with fans, deploying staff, and updating electronic signage to redirect the flow. This crowd movement data also can be integrated and managed through the CertScan® platform.


Building attendee confidence in the health and safety of events will include frequent efforts to disinfect surfaces and areas that are typically more congested, including dining areas and restrooms.

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