Screening and Inspection Forecast

Looking ahead, screening and inspection solutions to improve security and operational effectiveness will continue to depend on technology capabilities. But successfully battling smuggling and security threats at ports and borders — as volumes of vehicles, people and cargo increase — also will rest on deploying smarter approaches that efficiently leverage data and human assets.

Here are some considerations:

  • The driver for security screening decision-making shouldn’t be what specific piece of hardware to procure. Look at the big picture and assess your strategic objectives: what inspection solutions are you seeking and what will get you there most successfully and efficiently?
  • Gathering and assessing good data will continue to be the key to making strategic technology and resource deployment decisions. Artificial intelligence (AI) tools will enhance efforts to gather good data and support data integration. AI will help expand the use of automation for a broader array of tasks, and also will equip trained staff to make the right decisions because robust information will provide a solid foundation for those decisions. Data-driven tools will generate actionable insights that can guide targeted inspections and other strategic decisions, allowing for the most efficient deployment of human resources to focus on the most crucial tasks.
  • When it comes to successful inspection operations, a managed-service approach can deliver the strongest result. Again, it is about assessing big picture needs and strategic goals. There are many components to put together: the right screening tools and technology options; the right platform to gather, assess and integrate relevant data; and the right recruiting/training programs to assemble a high-performing team. A managed-service approach can provide an integrated, layered solution that responds to tailored inspection and screening needs and goals.

Whether the goal is increased detection of contraband, narcotics, weapons and other threats, or increased supply chain throughput, or improved revenue collection and regulatory compliance, S2 Global offers strategic, comprehensive solutions that incorporate state-of-the-art technologies, real-world training, and data/systems integration to meet your needs.