OSI Systems’ Technology & Training Assist In Albanian Drug Seizure

Aided by the OSI Systems’ turnkey scanning program, Albanian Customs and State Police seized 1,350 pounds of cocaine being smuggled into Albania. S2 Global is an OSI Systems company.

The Rapiscan Eagle® scanning systems, operated by OSI’s S2 Albania subsidiary, detected the narcotics hidden in a false floor of a produce shipment. The estimated value of the seizure is $220 million US, according to Albanian police.

OSI’s turnkey scanning system has been successfully deployed in multiple countries. Image analysts trained through a proprietary S2 Global University process review scan images and notify law enforcement officials when anomalies are detected. The CertScan system enables analysts to match identifying data such as cargo manifests, vehicle license plates and customs declarations, ensuring that shippers pay only legally required duties at customs inspection points.

The OSI turnkey scanning system’s benefits include:

  • Reduced contraband trafficking;
  • Fiscal benefits for sponsoring governments through increased accuracy in import and export declarations, leading to more accurate duty payments;
  • Improved transparency and efficiency at customs checkpoints, aiding international shippers; and
  • Enhanced public safety.

Learn more here: http://investors.osi-systems.com/news-releases/news-release-details/osi-systems-facilitates-significant-drug-seizure-albania

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