S2 Global's CertScan™ integration platform streamlines operations and turns data into intelligence


S2 Global’s systems integration and networking capabilities help organizations achieve breakthrough improvements in security, efficiency, revenue collection and regulatory compliance.

CertScan™ Security Integration Platform

S2 Global pioneered integration of inspection data and images with security systems such as surveillance and access control, as well as critical data from manifests, waybills, and government security databases.

S2 Global’s CertScan™ security integration platform is a modular and configurable tool that supports customer-specific business rules and combines data from multiple sources efficiently. Manual and paper based processes can be automated, isolated data can become actionable intelligence and your entire screening operation can be optimized to handle increasing traffic.

CertScan™ can centralize security data and inspection images into analysis centers, allowing a team of experts to efficiently assess data from multiple checkpoints, border crossings and ports.

No other company can offer S2 Global’s combination of proven success, proprietary integration tools and deep expertise in security inspection networking.

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