Cargo Image Analysis Program – Free Demo


As the impact of COVID-19 continues, it is important to recognize that adapting to the current environment and being prepared for dynamic changes is paramount to maintain operational readiness. Commerce, trade and supply chains have been affected, but are still moving and critical to global economic recovery. Screening operations are directly correlated and require properly trained personnel to maintain momentum and support growth as trade volume increases with demand.   

This can be challenging, but S2 University is able to support our customers with blended learning solutions that provide the same quality training held on site, but in a virtual learning environment. Interaction with Subject Matter Expert (SME) Instructors remains unchanged and students receive the best quality screening operations training from the industry leader.

Here we can look into a case where a customer cannot afford to lose qualified staff and requires robust training solutions to maintain operational efficiency.

Customer Problem Statement:

“Canceling certified training events for personnel will negatively impact our need to qualify much needed new staffers and re-certify existing staff. This causes gaps in scheduling and maintaining staffing requirements to be operationally effective.”

S2 University’s Solution:

  • An S2 University live online proctor offered in real-time with our Silver Package maintains integrity of the program through a virtual learning environment
  • The same real-world content and instruction is provided just as it would be in person on-site or at an S2U Academy
  • Each instructor and each student can all be located in separate geographic locations
  • Content through the Learning Management System (LMS) remains unchanged
  • Proctored instruction remains unchanged to include one to one sessions as needed
  • For students unable to attend classes with our live online proctor, S2U offers the Bronze Package where a student self-proctors


  • 100% improvement from baseline exams
  • Staffing requirements fulfilled
  • Overall improved throughput in the field
  • Increase in seizures and verified manifests
  • No lost high quality training time with our online proctored program

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