Accelerate: Time To Unite


A Complete Ecosystem at your Fingertips

While it may not offer a magical solution for all business challenges, integration of security systems and processes, is an answer whose time has come. This is especially true for organizations trying to execute on CONOPs that rely on a multitude of systems, users, and data sources and types.

This issue of Accelerate explores the many ways that integration can make security operations faster, more efficient, easier, and more secure by enhancing data flow, building better algorithms, and eliminating data silos. Deploying an integration platform in the security screening environment at borders or at events built on a platform like S2 Global’s CertScan® is a solution that provides a centralized, complete ecosystem.

Integration can provide the foundation of an automation strategy by breaking down barriers and creating natural connections, enhancing efficiencies, and smoothing the way for data to flow no matter the hardware, the software, the data source, or the user.

A modern integration platform is something like a symphony conductor, guiding many players of a somewhat disparate group of instruments to work in concert to process a giant, layered mass of musical notes, directing and connecting their efforts to ultimately produce something that flows freely and makes sense.

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