Accelerate: Reimagining Events

Accelerate • Issue 6

These days, it may feel like the term “uncharted waters” is a bit overused. But it certainly captures the state of play for large events, whether it is a big-time football game or concerts or a trade show at a convention center. As our society works to safely and successfully transition to a post-quarantine environment, it is hard to predict what events and event management will look like. Several professional sports are experimenting with competition without fans, at least for now. Those experiences will help shape what comes next.

Of course, safeguarding people’s health and safety is the most important thing. As we develop plans to move forward, there are tools, processes and procedures that can help us return—in a phased, thoughtful way—to attending events. Communication and setting expectations will form an important foundation. 

This issue of Accelerate explores the possible ways to navigate the unfamiliar waters in these challenging times. 

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