14th Annual Picard Conference


October 22nd – 24th, 2019
Skopje, North Macedonia

The WCO PICARD Conference provides a platform for academics and policymakers from around the world to present their research, interact, and discuss vital policy issues that impact Customs and international trade.

2019: The Fourteenth Edition

Now firmly established in the Customs academic calendar, this pivotal Conference was first unveiled in Brussels in 2006 and in 2008, before assuming a more international dimension and welcoming participants to the following cities:

2008 – Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
2009 – San José, Costa Rica
2010 – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
2011 – Geneva, Switzerland
2012 – Marrakesh, Morocco
2013 – Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
2014 – Puebla, Mexico
2015 – Baku, Azerbaijan
2016 – Manila, the Philippines
2017 – Hammamet, Tunisia
2018 – Malatya, Turkey

Building on the success of previous Conferences, the 2019 edition of the WCO PICARD Conference will focus on high-level exchanges on international trade, Customs professionalism and topics integral to the Customs function.

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