Using images and data from actual inspections S2 Global prepares operators for real world inspections.

Experts Agree: Training is the Critical Requirement for Effective Screening Operations …

“The most sophisticated machines become worthless if the people who operate them and visually inspect the X-ray images are not qualified to do so.”*
*“Increasing X-ray image Interpretation Competency of Cargo Security Screeners,” International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 2014.

Training is critical to a successful screening operation. S2 Global’s premier training program encompasses everything necessary to develop an excellent NII operator. Developed by a former Customs agent and top trainers, the S2 Global training program uses the latest in real world scenarios as well as an equipment agnostic interface to help students get the most from their courses. From recruitment through on-going training, an operator can expect to be always up to date on the latest techniques.

S2 Global has developed a program that will assess potential operators, give them a solid background in NII knowledge, show them how to spot anomalies in a scan and then deliver practice labs using over 2,500 live scan images. Over 3,500 operators world wide have taken this training and are in the field using their knowledge to assist agencies using NII equipment.

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