S2 Global's screening and inspection solutions combine the best technology, personnel and integration with a connected world.


The challenges are real: A government needs to inspect 100% of all cargo crossing its borders and facilitate trade and investment. A sporting event must guarantee security and deliver outstanding customer service. A national security organization must rapidly identify threats to protect personnel and critical government infrastructure.

The key to meeting these challenges is a comprehensive, connected operation. It starts with state-of-the-art security screening and inspection technology. S2 Global provides the best technologies for inspection of vehicles, rail containers, cargo containers, air cargo pallets and baggage and parcels. Next, the solution is connected to information such as a local database using CertScan, our proprietary integration platform. Further, the data is connected with the systems for use by highly trained operators for identification and verification. And, finally the information is shared back to organizations.

S2 Global is with you from start to operation; from support on regulatory issues and managing the entire implementation from site survey, change management, systems integration, hiring and training of staff through to full operations resulting in the most comprehensive and cost effective solution that meets your needs.

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