CertScan is capable of working with any vendor's x-ray system. Cargo, vehicle, bag or box can be analyzed in the CertScan Common Viewer


S2 Global's CertScan™ streamlines operations and turns data into intelligence.


S2 Global employs the powerful integration platform, CertScan™ to combine security systems with external databases to help organizations achieve breakthrough improvements in security, efficiency, revenue collection or regulatory compliance.

CertScan™ – Integrated Inspection Intelligence

With the S2 Global CertScan™ integration platform, non-intrusive inspection points have the capability to become complete intelligence and response centers. CertScan is designed to stream multiple input devices into a common operational picture (COP) that provides operators with the intelligence to render important security decisions in a modern, intuitive, responsive, web browser interface. CertScan’s capabilities extend beyond integration of systems into rules based responses allowing for streamlined operations. CertScan uses a common viewer to present analysts with the highest quality image and tools for fast and effective adjudication. Within a security framework when CertScan is deployed, management of systems and processes from this one interface results in an intelligent inspection operation.

CertScan™ is currently deployed in more than 50 cargo scanning and air cargo scanning sites delivering data points for efficient management of scanning operations.

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