Management Team


Jonathan Fleming, President

With over twenty years leadership experience in the government, private and non-profit sectors, Mr. Fleming founded S2 Global in 2009 and helped lead the merger of S2 Global into OSI Systems, Inc. in 2010. Prior to S2 Global, Mr. Fleming was the Chief Operating Officer for the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. Prior to his service with the US TSA, he was Assistant Federal Security Director at Los Angeles International Airport, Chief of Security for the Los Angeles County Performing Art Center, Manager of Security Operations for the J. Paul Getty Trust, and Special Investigator for the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority. Mr. Fleming served ten years in the United States Air Force and held the position of Special Agent with the U.S. Air Force Office of Special Investigation.


Gary Heffner, Director of Training

An expert in training, curriculum development and security inspection, Mr. Heffner is responsible for the development and delivery of training for all S2 Global staff, partners and customers. Prior to joining S2 Global, Mr. Heffner was CEO of Global Customs Security Consulting, Inc., a private consulting firm consisting of former U.S. Customs officials with over 250 years of U.S. Customs experience in over 50 countries. Prior to that position, Mr. Heffner held a number of senior positions within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.


Judson ‘Dino’ LaCapra, Director of Business Development

After obtaining his MBA at Georgetown University, Mr. LaCapra began his career in the Northwest Region of Brazil at the largest newspaper, Jornal A Critica as a recognized international Marketing Manager. In 2005, he became a founding member of S2 Global. Today, Mr. LaCapra serves as Director of Business Development for S2. He is responsible for identifying new market opportunities, strategic planning and being a key leader in the set-up of the S2 turnkey scanning operations at airports, seaports, border crossings, and critical infrastructure for governments and private industry worldwide.

Jenna Dunay, Director of International Government Affairs

Ms. Dunay is the Director of International Government Affairs for S2 Global. She is responsible for leveraging U.S. government trade assets to support on-going business efforts and generate new business opportunities in the international and domestic sectors.  Prior to joining S2 Global, Ms. Dunay was the Business Development Manager at Rapiscan Systems. After graduating from Clemson University with a BS in International Relations Ms. Dunay served in the Obama Administration for three years as a political appointee in the U.S. Department of Commerce where she helped lead the department’s efforts to facilitate business development and growth in the United States, as well as overseas.

Ramon Ortega, Director of Operations

Mr. Ortega holds a BS in Accounting and is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Florida and Puerto Rico with over 20 years of managerial experience in Puerto Rico Government and Private Sector. Prior to joining S2 Global, Mr. Ortega served as Deputy Superintendent of the Puerto Rico Police Department.  He was the first CPA appointed to that position and the one that ranks for a longer period of time in the same.  He was responsible for the planning and supervision of administrative and operational functions for a governmental agency that employed around 20,000 staff and a budget of around $900 million dollars.  After managing both the Puerto Rico and Mexico S2 Operations, Mr. Ortega was promoted to Director of Operations for S2 Global and now leads the operations teams in all our programs.

Ajay Mehra, President, OSI Solutions

A founding member of the OSI Systems, Inc., executive team, Mr. Mehra was named President of OSI Solutions in 2015. OSI Solutions manages the complex aspects of innovative programs in the healthcare and security industries. Prior to starting OSI Solutions, Mr. Mehra served as President of Rapiscan Systems, where he led the company to become one of the leading providers of security inspection technologies worldwide. Mr. Mehra is a member of the OSI Systems board of directors and holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BA from the University of Massachusetts.


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